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The Top 5, Five Star Hotels in U.S

feature-1There are top Hotels in the Big Cities at the United States; one would probably be in need of preparing huge cash just for a day might cost $ 600.00 and above! No doubt this are all for the rich and famous. Let Us check them one by one, here are the top 5.. Read More→

Difference between Hotels and Hostels

feature-2Hotels and hostels are giving facilities to travelers, however, while the two give a dry spot to stay, the similarities end there. Most of the cases, hotels are, the more expensive of the two and, therefore more luxurious. Both hostels and hotel give paid lodging facilities usually for a short period of time, yet there are stark contrasts between at hotels and hostels. Hotels offers more customized lodging facilities; hostels give more agreeable convenience that is normally budget oriented. In a hostel, visitors can rent a bed or a bunk bed in a shared dorm with other facilities shared like kitchen, bathroom and lounge area. Read More→

How to Determine if the Hotel you Chose to Stay is Worth the Fee

feature-3Have you stayed in a Hotel for a day or two and then ended up getting mad at the service or perhaps, being charged for an inferior service as compared to the other? Or you are those who always think that the price you paid was fair enough? Let’s check out the factors to determine the hotels that are worth your expense. Read More→